Now that you are an expert on the intricacies and gravity of issues around amateurism, media, and commercialization in college sports, ESPN has commissioned you to write a freelance exposé on the organization of college sports (i.e., how they are organized) and the treatment of student athletes. Your target audience for the piece is the common fan who has not read about commercialization in college sport or its consequences.
Your ESPN piece will be structured as follows:
a. A history of “amateurism” and how it operates as a mechanism of control in sports,
including in the NCAA. [Include in your explanation the NCAA’s organization/structure
and how/why it protects amateurism.]
b. Benefits and consequences of amateurism and the popularity/promotion (media
coverage and commercialization) of big-time college sports to athletic departments and universities. In other words, how are universities and their communities (including the athletic department) affected by college sports and their commercialization? [Include NIL implications in your explanation and how media, media coverage and amateurism are related.]

c. The benefits and consequences of college sports to student athletes: are they beneficiaries of the system or victims? [In other words, describe the treatment of student athletes.]
*Though this media piece you write will have your opinions layered through it, your opinions need to be supported with evidence. You should include information about how college sport, the NCAA, and athletic departments are organized and around what principles the delivery of college sport is designed (both stated and silenced). The personal positions you present to the common fan (the reader) should demonstrate how to use evidentiary support to describe an opinion on a (potentially) “both-sides” topic. The evidence you provide to support your opinions should be cited.

Use this as one source:

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