You must identify a U.S. government agency or standard setting body that has a significant impact on the health care system. The system that I choose is the Joint Commision
Address the following factors or questions through a cohesive 8-10-page paper in APA (6th or latest edition) format:
• Briefly describe the entity
• How did it get its power? Is it increasing or decreasing, or can’t we tell?
• What is its public mission?
• What hidden agenda might it have?
• Who leads it?
• Is it highly centralized or decentralized?
• Give examples of two areas in which you feel it has been successful.
• Give examples of two areas in which you feel it has not made enough progress or has simply failed.
• What appetite and/or potential might there be for entity for reform? How likely is it?
• Conclude your paper with a personal note regarding the impact this entity has on you as both a consumer and a healthcare professional.
• Be sure to cite the sources in APA format (6th or latest edition).

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