This Final Report assignment will be an APA formatted analysis of factors related to effective leadership.
( approximately 3,000 words) (4 references must be cited “in-text” and indicated on the reference page. Each reference must have an identified author and date of publication.)

This report must fully examine, analyze, and discuss the leadership qualities of two of the following people:
Martin Luther King; George Washington;
Guylaine Harrison; Hilary Clinton;
Condoleezza Rice; Sonia Sotomayor;
Ruben Diaz, Jr.;

Reference materials as a guide to create an outline describing “leadership.”
Use researched biographical material (scholarly works, not Wikipedia or blogs) to gather information explaining the leadership qualities of the two selected personalities.
This is a RESEARCH project. It is not an opinion paper.
The conclusion / summary paragraph must demonstrate that the writer’s thesis has been supported.

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