In this course, you will be required to write an 8-10 page typed paper on a significant person, event, or idea in Western Civilization History To 1689. It is expected that you follow these guidelines in writing this paper. (Assignment Topic – The Fall of the Roman Empire)


I. Format:
1) The paper must be typewritten in Microsoft Word .
2) It must be typed in an easily readable font of no more than 12 (Times New Roman or Calibri 11) points with sentences double-spaced. The margins should be 1.0″ either side of the paper.
3) Include your full name – Kevin Robinson, title – The Fall of the Roman Empire, course information on a title page – HIS 101- Western Civilization To 1689 – Summer 2020, separate from the body of your paper.
4) Number each page consecutively.
5) Include a citation page.
6) Include a bibliography page.
7) It is expected that you write your paper using correct English grammar and syntax, and that you use complete sentences placed in paragraph form. Remember in history papers, use third person objective, no first person allowed. This is a research paper not a position paper. So, do not use “I believe” or “my opinion is” type statements.

II. Content: Your paper should be organized and thought out. An example follows. Note: A large portion of your grade depends upon proper organization and readability of your work.

1) An introduction. (1 paragraph-one sentence does not make a paragraph.)
2) A brief explanation of the origins and history of the subject. (2-3 paragraphs)
3) A discussion of the importance of the subject and its historical impact. (7-9 paragraphs)
4) An analysis how world history has been changed by this person or event. (3-4
5) A conclusion. (1 paragraph)

III. Sources: The paper should be written using a minimum of five sources, excluding your textbook. Encyclopedias are not considered appropriate research materials. Your paper must include a one page Bibliography that alphabetically reports the sources that you used to write your paper. The following format should be used according to Chicago Manual of Style: Author, Title, Publisher Information, Date. If you use internet sites, you must include the exact web address of the source cited.

Remember, when you use specific source information within your paper, even if you are only paraphrasing, you must credit that source within the paper. You must use the Chicago Manual of Style Endnote citation format. (If you are not familiar with this, there are writing guides in the library or you can go to ). To not credit the source of information within the paper is considered plagiarism. A good rule of thumb
regarding citing sources is if in doubt, cite the information.

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