1. Theory Comparison. Compare and contrast Piaget’s theory of cognitive development with the theories proposed by Vygotsky and Bandura. Use the following scenario: you are a second-grade teacher and are writing a lesson plan to teach math facts (addition and subtraction).
Based on Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, what materials would you incorporate into your lesson plan? Be specific and explain how your plan is driven by Piaget’s theory.
How would you change your lesson plan based on Vygotsky’s theory? Based on Bandura’s theory? (300 words, 2 References)
2. IQ and Genetics. It used to be thought that IQ was strictly determined by genetics. After reading After the Bell Curve, do you believe that IQ is solely influenced by genetics? Based on your readings, what advice would you offer to parents/caregivers/and educators in order to maximize IQ? (300 words 2 reference)
3. Research Design. What are the differences between exploratory, descriptive, and explanatory studies? Also, what are the differences between cross-sectional and longitudinal studies? Which type of study would you be most interested in running (for example, an explanatory, longitudinal study)? Why? Include a specific example of a research question you would like to study using your preferred type of study. (300 words 2 reference)


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