Answer three essay questions (approximately 350 words each) in one document that also contains a Works Cited page. Submit this document as your Midterm Paper summative assessment. Several topic questions encompassing various historical themes and events covered during the first half of the course are provided, and you will choose three that best suit your interest. All components of the multilayered topic questions you select need to be addressed. Also, you will gather additional information through basic background research to enhance your responses.

Your comprehensive essay responses will allow you to demonstrate what you have learned thus far by integrating specific class content and supplementary research material into your responses and explaining your understanding of historical issues in original wording. Information obtained through basic research should be paraphrased and summarized so that your entire paper is unique, and basic in-text citations need to be included where that material is incorporated; a simple Works Cited page containing all of your sources must be provided at the end of your paper.


1) What were the ostensible and genuine reasons or motivations for the Spanish-American War in 1898? In the United States, who endorsed the war and who was against it and why? What were some specific outcomes of the conflict in Cuba, Puerto Rico, and especially the Philippines? Originally designated as U.S. protectorates or territories, what are the statuses of these three countries today?

2) What was the general concept of “Manifest Destiny”? What were a few specific events or general developments that adversely impacted Native Americans, Mexicans, and Hispanos (Californios, Tejanos, etc.) during the years 1835 to 1860? Lastly, what are some lingering consequences of the Manifest Destiny era today?

3) What were the primary reasons that fighting broke out between the United States and Britain in 1812? Which groups of Americans generally supported the war, which were against it, and why? What were some significant events that occurred during this conflict, particularly in Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and New Orleans? What were some noteworthy outcomes of the war (i.e., public sentiment, boundaries with Canada and Native American territories, etc.)? Lastly, what are one or two ramifications of the War of 1812 apparent in American society today?

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