It is hardly a secret that George Orwell’s novel was heavily inspired by the political turmoil of his time. However, Orwell’s warning against the rise of totalitarian powers extends well beyond the era in which this work was written. We see traces of Orwell’s grim vision in the modern world, and in an essay of four to six pages in length, you will examine multiple parallels between 1984 — its characters, themes, social and political policies, and events — and the modern world.
More specifically, you will compare at least four elements of George Orwell’s novel to four separate aspects of modern society (within the last 20 years). What aspects of 1984 has seemingly come to fruition in today’s world? Which of Orwell’s themes have manifested in our day-to-day lives?

You will need to conduct some research in order to provide evidence of these parallels, so you must cite a minimum of four credible sources (in addition to Orwell’s 1984), making for a total of five sources on your Works Cited pages.
you are encouraged to use MEAL paragraph format, meaning you must cite passages from Orwell’s text in each of your body paragraphs. You should also address one comparison per paragraph (meaning you will need a minimum of four body paragraphs, in total).

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