This is an dissertation INTRODUCTION based on Orodispersible tablet of Metochlopramide. It must be well referenced and be written in EXCELLENT and PROFESSIONAL ENGLISH. Every Information must be referenced with recent publication not really old publication. Note please include any additional information you think it is necessary.

1) What is an Orodispersible tablet? (Very detailed)
e.g the Characteristic, advantages, limitations,Pharmacokinetic of Orodispersible tablet etc. Please include additional information/pointers in regards to this.

2) Intro about Metoclopramide

3) Orally Disintegrating Tablet Technique
-Direct Compression

4) Intro about Superdisintegrant
– Mechanism of Superdisintegrant
– Advantages of Superdisintegrant
– talk about the following disintegrant; Crospovidone and Sodium Starch glycolate.
– How did the above disintegrant help with disintegration.

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