Sources must be documented using APA format.Your answers should be as thorough as possible.You must cite all sources used to answer the questions,

Please answer all six questions below:

  1. Discuss the theories political scientists have developed to discuss where power lies in American politics and how it is utilized to affect government.
  2. Discuss what is meant by the term devolution and how it relates to levels of responsibility and funding decisions.
  3. When, if ever, might you be justified in using the passive rather than active voice in a sentence? Give an example.
  4. What provisions of the provisions of the USA Patriot Act has the Supreme Court upheld and what does this mean for the future of civil liberties? How might this relate to the exclusionary rule?
  5. Hispanics are a potentially powerful political block that has recently been voting over 70 percent Democratic. If this trend continues, they may very well convert swing states like Colorado and Florida to solidly Democratic states in the future unless the Republican Party finds a way to reach out and include them. What should the Republican Party do to garner more Hispanic votes? How could the Democrats respond?
  6. Discuss how a simple change increased Spain’s organ donation participation. Could such a change increase political participation in the U.S.?

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