1A. Define and discuss what the term global communication encompasses and how it differs from international relations.

1B. Discuss the meaning of the term “flows”.

Write in 350 words.

Watch video 1: Paddy Ashton – The Global Power Shift; https://www.ted.com/talks/paddy_ashdown_the_global_power_shift/discussion

Write in 275 words

Explain what Ashton means by “unregulated global space. What is his solution? What examples does he give?

Watch video 2: Joseph Nye – Global Power Shifts; https://www.ted.com/talks/joseph_nye_global_power_shifts/up-next

Write in 275 – 300

Nye coined the term “soft power” – what does it mean? How is it different from “hard power”? What is at stake now for the United States in terms of its soft power?

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