Forum Questions

General Instructions: As a Bachelor’s Degree student, please be reminded that your answer should include the convention of academic writing. Presentation style should be: Times New Roman and font size 12.

Specific Instructions: Cite references of all source materials you use (all in-text references should be properly included in the reference lists) and strictly observe proper citation of all sources (APA 7th Edition). You must not cite, personal and/or non-academic blogs or Google images as these sources are unreliable and unedited sources of information.

Answer each question briefly.  It is expected that your answer in each question must contain around 200 words with proper citations (at least one) when it is deemed appropriate.

  1. One of the functions of communication is that it motivates or encourages people to live better. In what way/s does it motivate people? Give a specific example.
  2. How do culture differences affect a communication? Give some specific examples.

2. Why is it that every communication must be time bound?  Support your answer by giving specific situation

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