Provide a 1 page or less technical write up regarding the below:

You are a network administrator for a medium size company called ITProz. Upper management has asked you to review the use of “In-meeting AI assistants” as a mechanism to help organize and facilitate meetings more efficiently.

Your job is to create a formal technical report that compares and contrast the functionality and security of each of the following devices.

Eva – by voicera
Watson Assistant by IBM
Google Assistant

Also, outline any network changes that would need to occur to maintain the safety and security of all existing data/information.

Make a recommendation (justify your answer and do not use “I”)

Submit as a word document


Much of our job is to be experts which means we have to sift through websites and manuals and present facts for our teams. It is very important to learn how to justify, without using first person pronouns. State the facts and make a recommendation off the facts. Opinions do not matter, they create bias.

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