1. Discussion question Minimum of 75 words

video link;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoKEWuizD9k&feature=related

Does taking responsibility for your own learning and education need to start at a much younger age? If you have not been expected to take this type of responsibility as an elementary age child is it too late for you to take that responsibility now as college age students? Why is it important to take responsibility for your own education?

2. Discussion question MINIMUM OF 75 words

Food for Thought – Wikipedia?

What about Wikipedia? Is this scholarly research?
There are many great resources on the web, but there are also some not so credible or scholarly ones (i.e. Wikipedia)
If you find yourself wanting to use a website resource, what should you look for to ensure that it is a credible academic source? Can you give me an example of a credible website resource?

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