1. Support each main post with at least three credible references:

– One source from the course readings

– One scholarly source derived from your own research

– One professional source derived from your own research

Watch VIDEO.

  1. Watch the video on strategic alliances.
  2. While strategic alliances have their advantages, they do have their disadvantages. Precious know-how and company secrets may be appropriated, or one partner may try to dominate the relationship leading to conflicts and eventual alliance dissolution (Yoshino & Rangan, 1995).  Managing a global alliance may be an added managerial chore that is compounded by the different corporate and national cultures.  An organization should choose strong experienced partners who have a good strategic fit, and have to clearly define each global partner’s role.  To minimize risk, an organization should continuously monitor the relationship for performance and profitability (Yoshino & Rangan, 1995).

Describe the advantages of strategic alliances, and why many of them fail? Give examples and support your arguments with research.

Yoshino, M. Y., & Rangan, U. S. (1995). Strategic alliances.  Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press

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