The following questions require short answer responses. Keep your
answers concise. As a rough guide, the length of each of your
answers should be no more than 300 words.If you draw on
information from specific sources, you should provide appropriate
Question 1
You are a member of the TfNSW business case team considering risk
allocation for Sydney Metro Western Sydney Airport (formerly
Greater West). One of the main concerns is site condition risk relating
to uncertain geology. Can you explain how this risk should be
allocated and managed to satisfy the concerns of financiers?
Question 2
It has also been suggested by the financial adviser that the private
sector is best placed to manage refinancing risk. Can you explain
what refinancing risk relates to, why this risk is allocated to the
private sector and how the private sector can best manage this risk.
Question 3
There is a continued criticism of PPPs that Government is forced to
bail out the private sector in the event of project failure. Is this fair in
considering the NSW Government actions on Sydney Light Rail?
Question 4
If the NSW Government adopts collaborative contracting, what are
the implications for raising private financing for infrastructure?
Question 5
Sydney Metro Western Sydney Airport (formerly Greater West) is
expected to be extended in the future. What are the challenges in
structuring a Public Private Partnership to deal with this
requirement for flexibility?

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