Write on FOUR of the following topics. Be comprehensive and give specifics to support your assertions. Answers should be a minimum of 150-250 words.

Summarize the diverse forms and potential meanings of Paleolithic cave paintings and sculptures.

Explain how the design of the Stele of Naram-Sin makes claims about the special power of this Akkadian ruler

How did the Egyptians’ beliefs about the afterlife influence their art and architecture?

What is the relationship between early stupas in India and later pagodas in China? Build your answer on a discussion of two specific examples, a stupa and a pagoda.

Trace the developing features that characterize Classical Greek art and architecture.

Discuss how Roman emperors used public monuments as imperial propaganda, focusing your discussion on two specific examples included in this chapter.

Explain how the use of pictorial space is different in Byzantine art when compared to traditional Greek and Roman art.

Select an Islamic building that is influenced by Roman or Byzantine art. Discuss which forms are borrowed from the earlier culture and how they are transformed in their new Islamic context.

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