Answer the attached questions. The question’s answers should be 5-7 sentences long and contain one source with an APA style citation (references do not count towards word count). The citation should be listed right under the question’s answer.

Question 1; Identify the key elements that drive an effective business model.

Question 2; Explain substitution as it relates to the threat it may bring a company.

Question 3; The net worth of a company and the tangible resources are parts of what aspect when we structure a business model?

Question 4; Explain how a Social enterprise (SE) business model is different than a classical business model.

Question 5; Explain what you would do as an entrepreneur if you own a Market Linkage business model.

Question 6; Why is international trade important to the global economy?

Question 7; What is free trade?

Question 8; What creates greater opportunities for international business?

Question 9; What does POLC stand for?

As a manager, you would always have responsibility for what four fundamental processes?

Question 10; How are entrepreneurs different from small business owners?

Question 11; What is the central premise of the World Trade Organization (WTO)?

Question 12; Trade opening and development is one of the fundamental pillars of what organization?

Question 13; What leads to new market and trade opportunities?

Question 14; Summarize the foreign environment  in terms of business managerial operations and the potential affect it can have on exports and imports.

Question 15; What three main types of reactions can a business have in response to different types of culture?

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