Students will research the relationship between wine producer, wholesale/distributor, and retail/customer.

This assignment is broken down into four sections for a student’s understanding of the basic business wine model.

Part 1:

Research the various retail outlets that consumers can obtain wine. Identify the different markets they support. For example:

Grocery stores wine selection sell wine already chilled for consumption when purchased.
Restaurant purchases wine to sell to customers at dinner.
An investor purchasing wine to hold and resell for profit.
Part 2:

Research how retail outlets obtain their wine to sell for profit. What are the different roles and types of wholesalers? For example:

Who does a grocery store, restaurant, wine store, etc. get their wine from for sale?
Can a person buy directly from a wholesaler or distributor?
Part 3:

How do wine producers allocate their production? Can they sell direct to consumers or do they have to go through a distributor? Can they sell to various outlets?

Part 4:

Online options for purchasing wine. Please list several ways wine producers are utilizing the internet and following the laws for various states.

All assignments are to be considered formal writing assignments and as such are expected to use the MLA format and follow the rules of proper grammar and punctuation.
A minimum of five sources needed with proper incite quotations required.
No late papers will be accepted.
All assignments are required to have a “title information section” in MLA format, as shown in the example paper.
All written assignments are to be typed in a 12 pt font.
Papers or assignments that have more than a reasonable amount of grammatical errors will not be accepted for credit and will be returned to the student for re-submission after all errors have been corrected. All assignments are required to use in-text citation when necessary and must include works cited page.
Failure to include works cited page or proper citations, in the proper MLA format, will result in the paper being deemed unacceptable and the paper will be returned to the student.

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