For EACH question make sure your answer:

  • Provides details.
  • Is written in two complete paragraphs (minimum 5 sentences each of grade level writing) using formal writing rules.
  • equals a total of 4 paragraphs for this assignment
  • Is checked for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Cites your sources.

PLEASE NOTE: The following questions require research.

Question 1:

According to Amnesty International (, what were some of the human rights issues facing Zimbabwe from 2008 to the present day (give at least three examples and give specific details)? Does this follow the country’s established government principles? Please elaborate.

Question 2:

Evaluate the Zimbabwe government in terms of the Enlightenment principles . Answer whether the country follows the enlightenment principles. Be specific.

*Reminder: This has TWO questions requiring a two paragraph response for each question for a total of FOUR paragraphs.

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