The purpose of the LIBS 7007 project paper is to analyze how culture and society impact a technology,  (the purpose is NOT to examine technology’s impact on society).  That is, the paper needs to take the perspective of Cultural Determinism.

you need to:

  1. Construct a focused purpose/objective/question for your paper, which you will answer in the conclusions.
  2. Do a literature search: Look for research articles on your topic, to substantiate your reasons for choosing the topic. Do not conduct any primary research, quantitative or qualitative, as any research with human subjects (e.g., questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, company records, etc.) needs to go through an Ethics Review process at BCIT.
  3. Identify the cultural, social, political, and economic factors related to the technology
  4. Investigate the impact of cultural, social, political, and economic factors on the technology or process = which of these factors prompted the invention/discovery of the technology? How did these factors encourage or impede its development? How are these factors influencing the ongoing practice of the technology?
  5. Identify which theories or published ideas can explain the factors you are presenting, and refer to these theories/ideas wherever relevant throughout your paper, citing sources correctly.
  6. List the stakeholders and discuss which of the stakeholders influenced the technology, and how they exercised their influence. (Do not discuss why stakeholders benefited or did not benefit from the technology).
  7. Present all sides of the issues surrounding the impact of culture on the technology. Include what critics of technology have to say on the topic.
  8. Arrive at conclusions – what aspects of culture and society have made a difference in how the technology is practiced by various stakeholders including those it should be helping but may not be doing so. Refer to the theories you have cited earlier in the paper.
  9. NOTE: If you feel the need to include a description of the technology, please put it in an Appendix at the end of your paper, not in the main body of discussion.  Any history of the technology that does not relate to social, cultural, political, economic etc. factors also needs to be put in an Appendix.  You should refer the reader to the Appendices in the body of your paper, so that the reader knows where the information is available.  In the Appendix, include definitions of terms you feel are typical for your technology and possibly unfamiliar to the reader of your paper.


The main section of the paper – i.e., from the Introduction to the Conclusion – needs to be 12 pages  approx. (3500 words approx.) in length, double-spaced, in 12 pt Times New Roman font (marks will be deducted for papers that are too long or too short, plus or minus 10%). The Title Page, Summary page, List of References page/s, Appendices and any other pages are in addition to the required 12 pages.

The paper needs to include the following sections:

– Title page – state the topic of your paper, your name, course name, instructor’s name, date of submission

– SUMMARY – please summarize the paper – do not write an “abstract” or “synopsis”




– List of references

– APPENDICES (if needed)

PLEASE NOTE that your paper has to be original to this assignment, i.e., it cannot be partly or wholly from a paper you or another person has submitted for another course, publication, etc.  If this is evident, the paper will not be eligible to be marked. Academic integrity software may be used to analyze the authenticity of your paper.

DO NOT submit a .pdf file or any type of file than cannot be edited, because the instructor needs to be able to add comments and feedback.


Wikipedia should not be cited as a reference source – as it is a changing document.  If you do find something on Wikipedia, please cite the original source of the article/book/ research study.  At least 60% of your sources need to be from academic journals that can be cited properly, i.e., with author, title of article, title of the journal, etc.

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