***Research Paper Topic: How COVID19 has impacted Alaska Airlines***

*The research paper will need to be at least 6 pages long, not including the Works Cited page at the end

*The paper will have MLA Style for documentation of sources and formatting

*The paper will need to have a thesis to keep the paper focused and organized

***Include a visual aid such as a picture, graphic, table, chart, etc. in the research paper and give credit to the source of this visual aid. In the six pages this assignment requires, the graphic should take up no more than one-half of a page. (writing amount still needs to be 5 pages not including half page of graphic or visual aid)***

*The paper needs to have at least 4 outside sources. At least half of the sources you use need to be NON-internet. By non-internet, this means general web pages found through a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. It is acceptable to use library sources that are accessed online

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