Weekly Study Questions 2

The Creation and Fall of Man

Answer thoroughly the following questions:

  1. Define “evolution.”
  2. Define “theistic evolution.”
  3. Is the dating of Adam important? Explain your answer.
  4. When was the origin of the “soul” in man?
  5. Explain how dust cannot be a symbol for animal life.
  6. Which of the six marriage principles stands out the most to you and why?
  7. Who is the “us” referring to in Genesis 1:26? Explain.
  8. What is included in the phrase “the image of God” (besides “likeness”)?
  9. T/F—Adam and Eve and all of the animals were originally vegetarians. Support your answer.
  10. Explain the terms “dominion” and “subdue.” What implications does this have for humans today?
  11. T/F—It is impossible to understand the rest of the Bible without understanding Genesis 3. Support your answer.
  12. What does Davis say that seems to be a better translation for “gods” in Genesis 3:5? Why?
  13. What is the sequence of the temptation and Fall?
  14. What is depravity?
  15. What were Adam and Eve attempting to do when they made “fig leaves” clothes (other than covering their nakedness)?
  16. Where is the first possible mention of the virgin birth of Christ in Genesis?
  17. How is God’s grace exhibited in chapter 3 of Genesis?
  18. What does the term “coats of skin” (Genesis 3:21) imply?
  19. T/F—Man having to work is a result of the curse. Support your answer.
  20. Describe one meaningful way that a historical view of Genesis could interact with the genetic data.
  21. “Everything else one believes about the Bible and Christian theology and practice depends ultimately on…” what? Explain.
  22. Explain how Genesis 3 is the story that tells you how you became so unable to read the story being told.
  23. Explain where temptation is.
  24. How does the author describe the tree of the knowledge of good and evil as a “good thing”?
  25. State two ways the Fall of man affects life today.


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