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Using the film; Jonestown, The Life and Death of the Peoples Temple

  • Describe the three main focuses of social psychology, and explain how each played a role in the Jonestown tragedy. Define attitude, and explain how attitudes and actions affect each other.  How did the attitudes of the members  affect their behavior in the church, both  before and after they  became disillusioned with Jim Jones?
  • Discuss the role of conformity in this tragedy. Where did you see conformity occurring in the film?  Who was conforming, use examples?  What were the reason for conformity, and what brought you to your conclusion?
  • Why was the level of obedience to authority so high in the People’s Temple, especially at the end? What similarities do you see between Jonestown and Milgram’s experiment?
  • Describe the conditions in which the presence of others is likely to result in social facilitation, group polarization, and groupthink.   Be sure to give examples from the film.

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