In this writing assessment, you will demonstrate your understanding of rhetorical analysis and your critical reading skills.
Remember: Rhetorical analysis is NOT WHAT the argument is, but HOW the author presents the argument.

-Write a 5-paragraph analytical essay responding to one of the questions below.
-Two references to the assigned readings must be made in your essay in APA format.
-Include a clear thesis in the introductory paragraph that will be developed. Your thesis is the rhetorical strategies or modes the author is using (in parallel structure) NOT the author’s thesis.
-Provide the essay with a title and underline the thesis.

In “The Skin I’m In”, Canadian writer and activist, Desmond Cole, writes of being black and racialized in Ontario. This essay was written in 2015 for Toronto Life magazine. What is the purpose of this essay and what strategies does Cole use to achieve his purpose?

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