You will need to answer them with detail, examples, explanations, etc. Answer all parts of the question and draw from the course materials, videos, readings, lectures, etc. You need to cite your sources of information. The more you are able to bring in the better

1. Slavery and the Constitution: Discuss how each of these Constitutional concessions to slavery had lasting consequences between the signing of the U.S. Constitution and the Civil War. 1) the Fugitive Slave Clause 2) The prohibition of federal interference with Slavery in the States 3) 3/5 Clause. In addition, discuss how Congress tried to balance the power between slave and free states. How did the Dred Scott case complicate this issue?

2. Reform Movements in Early America: Discuss three (3) reform movements that began prior to the civil war. Who were the major historical figures in the movements, what were they hoping to accomplish, what were the different approaches, and what were the results. Make sure to provide specific details and examples. Cite your sources.

3. Agency: When we speak of power, we think of those who have control over others. A king has power over his subjects, slave masters control their slaves, police have power over the people of their jurisdiction, parents over their children, and often still, husbands over their wives. Those people who are subjugated are often considered to be powerless; however, agency (power from below) is a way that subjugated people can exhibit power. Prior to the Civil War, several groups of people were subjugated by the dominant white population in the United States. Using the course materials, provide examples of how women, Native Americans, and Black Americans exhibited agency. Give details and explanations and cite your sources.

4. Industrial Revolution: Discuss the Industrial Revolution in the United States. What were some of the technological inventions that were instrumental in the revolution? How did the Industrial Revolution change society? What was the major effect on the North and on the South? How did this increase the economic reliance on Slaves in both the North and the South? Give examples, details, and explanations. Cite your sources.

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