Read this article about Apple retail employee training and answer the following questions in paragraph form. Each question is worth up to 10 bonus points.

1.) What do you think the positive aspects of this training are? Explain what’s good, what you like, what you might want to use in the future. Be specific.

2.) Do you think there are negative aspects of this training as it relates to dealing with customers? Do you think the employees are trained to treat customers incredibly good or bad? Do you think that they could do things better? Give examples.

3.) Do you think there are negative aspects of this training as it relates to employee and employee interactions? What do you think about the feedback methods they describe? Does this encourage employees to be friends or to be competitive? Explain.

4.) How does this information make you feel as a potential Apple customer?

5.) Would you want to use components of this training if you were the owner of a retail store who needed to train employees? What is good, what is bad, why?

B1.) How does the Apple Training Guide article make you feel as a customer/potential customer of Apple?

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