Develop a definition of cultural disparities and present a rationale for your definition. What would you consider major factors that contribute to cultural disparities in the United States? How would you go about learning whether or not educational and/or health disparities exist in the community in which your students will serve? What would be some activities that you might include in a curriculum to help students understand there are things they can do to overcome some of the barriers?

A minimum of 4 peer-reviewed

Explore the website:
The Joint Commission. (n.d.). Health Equity. Retrieved from</a >

TEDx Talks. (2013, April 30). The paradox of diversity: Dr. Marilyn Sanders Mobley at TEDxCLE 2013 [Video file]. Retrieved from
The Paradox of Diversity: Dr. Marilyn Sanders Mobley at TEDxCLE 2013

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