Death of a Salesman grapples with issues regarding capitalist ambitions, money, and class. Write a well-organized research paper that demonstrates how the drama is critical of the so-called American Dream.

Write a 4-4.5 page argumentative research paper about Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman. Your paper should make a claim, and you must support that claim through a variety of researched sources.

Assignment Requirements
MLA 8 format.
4-4.5 pages (this does not include the Works Cited page). This means you have written at least 20 lines on page 4. Any fewer than that and your essay will be considered incomplete, and incomplete work receives a grade of less than 70.
The Works Cited page is part of the essay, it should begin on the page after the essay ends, and it does not count toward the page-length requirement.
You must use a minimum of 4 research sources to support and explain your claims. These sources must be integrated into the essay via direct quote. (You may also integrate these sources via either paraphrase or summary, but directly quoting the research is both required and preferred.) RESEARCH FOR THIS ESSAY MUST BE SOURCED FROM ONLY THE EMBEDDED LIBGUIDE.
Be sure to cite all of your sources, according to MLA, using in-text citations.
Use text examples from the play to support and explain your claims. You needn’t cite the play using in-text citations.
Do not use any block quotes—from research or the play. A block quote is 4 or more lines of an integrated quote and requires unique formatting.

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