A. Explain the Thomas Theorem. What does the Thomas Theorem suggest about reality? What would the Thomas Theorem suggest about the legitimacy of Santa Claus? How would the Thomas Theorem explain the belief in Santa Claus, is the belief legitimate, explain?

B. If an adult has an imaginary friend, a friend no one else is capable of seeing, hearing, etc., according to the Thomas Theorem, how should this individual be treated? Is this belief legitimate? How should we handle an individual with such beliefs (according to the Thomas Theorem)?

C. What is the looking-glass self? How important is our race, class, sex, or religion to the development of our self-identity?

For this assignment, you are to address the following scenario:

A 14-year-old goes on a robbing spree. During a “routine” robbery, they “accidentally shoot someone. Using this specific scenario, you must address the following questions.

1. Using one of the seven theories of crime and deviance from the notes, you must explain what caused the 14-year-old to go on a robbing spree in the first place. Identify a specific theory and explain how that theory would explain this behavior. Using this same theory, you are to explain if the 14-year-old should be tried as an adult. What type of punishment should they receive (whether they should be tried as an adult, and the type of punishment they receive, must be explored and explained within the construct of the theory you have chosen). Be sure to develop

your essay fully. Yes, you may enhance, add to the original scenario to develop your essay. (20pts)

B. You are to:

1. Develop a social (you are to create your movement) movement. Your social movement must address a social problem that you define.

-Identify who will be your followers and how you will attract them.

-Explain the purpose of your movement, what are the goals of the movement goals? (clearly explain the purpose)

2. Who might wish to go against your group? (Why would some people disagree with your movement, explain?)

3. Identify a theory, Rise and Drop Hypothesis, for example, to explain why people would want to be part of your movement? (15 pts) (theories are found in the required lecture materials).

1.Explain Herbert Spencer’s notion of “survival of the fittest” and “natural selection.” What does Spencer mean by the idea of “non-interference,” and how would it relate to the notion of free public education in the U.S.?
2.Explain the Saphir-Worph hypothesis. Provide a clear example of how language is connected to the ideas presented by the Thomas Theorem. Identify an institution and provide an example of how it uses “authority” to produce reality through its use of language.
3.Explain how the identity is developed at each stage of the 3 stages of development (according to Mead). What are primary groups? What are these groups important in the development of the self? What is the looking glass self, explain?

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