Diabetes is a Greek word that means to siphon or pass through. The term mellitus was added later from a Latin word meaning “sweet” or “honey.” The condition was first documented in Egypt in 1552 B.C. when a physician noted patients experiencing frequent urination and emaciation (reflective of diabetes type 1). Similarly, in 150 A.D., a Greek physician named Aratreus observed “the melting down of flesh and limbs into urine.” This melting down gave the disease its name (McCoy, 2009).

Motivating an individual as well as a population to adopt new behaviors can be difficult. Health professionals must have a good understanding of the motivations and behaviors of individuals and the populations within which they are a member. Knowing what might motivate one individual to participate in diagnostic testing might not work for another, for example. This is the focus of the Discussion.

To Prepare:
Consider why diabetes is on the rise in certain populations.
Consider population characteristics that might influence the likelihood of “at-risk” populations seeking diagnostic testing.
Reflect on behavioral and other motivators for seeking health screenings for diagnostic testing of diabetes. Review the media, Juanita’s Story: Part 4 (Laureate Education, 2018d). What are some of Juanita’s motivators at this stage? How have they changed through her interactions with her doctor?
Consider how behaviors and motivators might differ between younger (18–29 years old) and older (30 years old and over) adults.

***Write an explanation of behavioral and other motivational factors related to why individuals in the two populations (18–29 years old and 30 years old and older) fail to seek diagnostic testing for diabetes. Then, imagine you are a leader in a health organization. How might you encourage individuals in the two populations to engage in diagnostic testing? Provide one strategy for the younger adult population and one for the older adult population. Explain how and why the strategy you proposed for the younger adult population might differ from the strategy you proposed for the older adult population. Be specific and provide examples.

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