Choose a disorder or a drug to research and write a paper about.

If you are writing about a disorder, your paper should focus on what the symptoms of the disorder are. You should also try to explain WHY the symptoms you discuss occur. Discussing the causes of the disorder and possible treatments for the disorder are good things to include as well. Make sure you fully explain why the treatments work (or why they think they work). Give details in your paper. For example, don’t just say that the disorder is caused by brain injury, but discuss which brain areas need to be injured and what those areas do.

If you are writing about a drug, your paper should focus on the effects of the drug on the user. You should try to explain WHY these things occur. Odds are, you will need to discuss neurotransmitters and areas of the brain, because most drugs work via a biological process. Make sure you give details in your paper. For example, don’t just say that the drug messes with dopamine levels, but instead how does it change them (increase or decrease) and what behaviors are linked to that change?

Requirements for the Paper:

3-5 pages of text (references page does not count)
5 sources minimum
At least 1 source must be scholarly (journal article or book (textbooks, encyclopedias, and dictionaries are not acceptable)). The other 4 sources can be websites (no wikipedia though).
APA format for citations (internal and references page)
12 pt, times new roman font
Double spaced (BUT don’t put extra spaces between paragraphs!)
No title page
At top of paper, just put your name and the name of what you are writing about

APA style:

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