In this course you will have learned about the three main branches of the federal government and checks and balance system. For this term paper you will
Identify the origins of the check and balance concept.
Explain the importance and use of this concept in creating our political framework.
Identify and provide a thorough explanation of a particular checking process between the branches of the federal government.
You may, for example, explain how a law is made, how foreign policy is made or how a military action is taken and include how each branch checks the power of the other branches.
Remember that checks work both ways, so be sure to explain how in this particular case one branch checks the others and visa versa.
Consider both constitutional as well as extra-constitutional powers in this particular checking process.
Also sure to include in your explanation a specific real life example which illustrates this particular check/balance (such as a current law, treaty).

General Guidelines

You must conduct research and cite at least 2 credible sources (in addition to the textbook and lecture – Wikipedia is NOT considered a credible source)
Provide both in-text and well as a Works Cited for your sources.
If you need help, check out the Purdue Owl (Links to an external site.) website.
MLA style is preferred.
You must write a college level paper with a thesis, complete paragraphs and a conclusion.
Do not just provide a long list of powers but rather provide well written paragraphs explaining the process.
Do not write in the first person (I, me, my, we)
Check for grammatical errors.
Your paper should be 3-7 pages (double-spaced).
Save your paper as either a Microsoft Word document (.doc; .docx) or Adobe (.pdf) file. Cloud files (such as Google) ARE NOT compatible and therefore are not accepted.

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