For thisĀ  discussion, consider the widespread usage of social media and its influence on correct grammar and punctuation. How many of you are loose with the English language on Facebook? Are there consequences to this modern trend?

Read the following websites about grammar on social media:

Bad Grammar on Social Media (Links to an external site.)

Rules you can break on Social Media. (Links to an external site.)

5 Grammar Rules You Can Break on Social Media

Consider that, sometimes, breaking a grammar rule on social media or in a text has a specific connotation. For instance, do you sometimes leave the period off of a sentence on purpose? If so, why?

Discuss the importance of grammar rules on Social Media. Are there any rules you routinely break? If so, why? Is it laziness, or a specific desire to be seen in a certain light? Do you think that affects your use of language in other settings? Why or why not?

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