The Reading will focus on the two events taking place at the same time in Philadelphia in 1787;
The Constitutional Convention and a case concerning an alleged “witch”. Your assignment will be to read the account and answer in a 1-1 1/2 page paper the following questions:
1. Who was this “witch”and what does the account say overall? What was her alleged
2. The author makes it clear that the Philadelphia Convention represented the highest
ideals of the Enlightenment in America yet what very famous event in the past does he
use to show that the people of 1787 did not particularly reflect this ideal?
3. In general, what was the attitude of the newspapers towards this case and what was
their opinion about superstition and witchcraft?
4. What were some of the punishments inflicted upon a person convicted of being a
5. How were prisoners treated at the time in Philadelphia and what particular crime was
very common? How were these criminals seen by the ruling elite? How were the poor
included in this? How did these attitudes influence the development of the Constitution
in terms of the ideas about democracy?
6. Finally, what ultimately happened to the “witch”?

You must turn in a 1-1 1/2 page report that is typewritten and double-spaced using an 11-12
point font.

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