Assignment: Analyze the Impact of an Industry, Technological Advancement or Invention
In 750- to 1000-words, choose one industry, technological advancement, or invention, and analyze the impact of the invention on your chosen society.

The society will be the current African American community in the United States.


A 750- to 1000-word summary

A clear introduction, thesis statement, and a conclusion

Full APA citation and style.

Credible academic sources- most websites do not fall into this category unless they end in .gov or .edu and name an author.

Sources are comprised of approximately 1/3 books from academic presses and 2/3 peer-reviewed journal articles.

Activity Details
Perform the following steps:

Step 1: Gather your notes.
Gather your notes from the research activity that you completed earlier in the topic.

Step 2: Create an outline.
Create an outline that lists the industries, technological advancements, and inventions that are commonly used in your chosen society. Create subheadings with additional information on each invention in your outline.

Step 3: Choose an industry, technological advancement, and invention.
Choose one industry, one technological advancement, and one invention that you would like to analyze, based on your outline.

Step 4: Write your analysis.
Using your outline, begin to write your analysis. Your paper should have two parts:

List the name of the industry, technological advancement, or invention in your chosen society. Include a brief summary of each. Your summary should include the ideas or events, if any, that led to the beginning of the industry, the technological advancement, or the invention. Your summary should include references to the lesson materials, combined with your own supplemental research about the invention.

Analyze the impact of the industry, technological advancement, or inventions on your chosen society. In 750- to 1000-words, write an analysis of the impact of the industry, technological advancement, or invention on your chosen society.

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