Part 1
Identify an inventor who is currently living in Northeast Ohio America and answer the
following questions about him/her. Include 2 references in APA format.
1. What did he/she invent?
2. How did it change our lives?
3. How did the invention benefit him/her?
4. Did the invention improved over the years (new functionality or new versions)?
5.How does the inventor work (individual, own company, researcher in an
6. How does he/she find funding for his/her research?
7. How many patents does he/she have?
8. What is his/her background, education, family and d
escribe his/her personality, beliefs etc.
Part 2
nswer the following questions:
What are the characteristics of well established products such as paper, steel, and light
What are the characteristics of “new products” that require re-orientation of corporate
What type of innovations are the light bulbs, automobiles and semiconductors?
Describe Exhibit one in the article.
Part 3
Read the
product examples (documents 3) document and for each product innovation:
1. Determine whether they are disruptive or sustaining technology? Explain. (minimum
of one paragraph of 3-8 sentences for each product)
2. Would any of the other models (
other than Christensen’s) describe each product
innovation? (such as Abernathy-Clark or Value chain) Explain. (minimum of one
paragraph of 3-8 sentences for each product)
Part 4
Listen to the How I Built This –
Stonyfield podcast and answer the following questions within 200 words.
1. Was Stonyfield yogurt sustaining or disruptive product? explain
2. Who were their customers and competitors during the early years?

3. What were some of the financial challenges? how much money did they borrow
4. Would it make sense to sell the company after putting this much effort growing it?
how did the owners explain their reasoning?
Part 5
Listen to this podcast and
answer these questions in less than 200 words.
!. What was the motivation to create this product?
2. What collaboration was needed to manufacture and market this brand?
3. What difficulties were encountered in getting to scale?
Part 6
How I Built This is a Podcast about innovators and entrepreneurs who built very successful
businesses. Listen to
1. Comment on the personalities of Adam and Eric,
2. Luck as a factor in success
3. Financial challenges they had as they scaled up their business.
No more than 250 words.
Part 7
Listen to and answer these
questions in under 200 words:
1. What was the problem?
2. How did technology allow this product to exist?
3. Does this company have an exit strategy?
Part 8
Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world’s best known companies. How I Built
This weaves a narrative journey about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists — and the
movements they built.
Listen to this podcast:

Burton Snowboards: Jake Carpenter
Answer theses questions in the discussion no more than 250 words:
1. What was the source of this innovation?
2. What did this innovator do that was different than everyone else?
3. What was this innovator’s motivation? Goals?


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