Assignment: Sustainability Efforts in Society
For this assignment, you will summarize the sustainability efforts of your chosen society. Your summary should include a discussion of ecology and climate, along with examples of modes of sustainability (no matter how old your society or civilization might be, all communities preserve/store resources in some way).

The society will be the current African American community in the United States.


A 750- to 1000-word summary

A clear introduction, thesis statement, and a conclusion

Full APA citation and style.

Credible academic sources- most websites do not fall into this category unless they end in .gov or .edu and name an author.

Sources are comprised of approximately 1/3 books from academic presses and 2/3 peer-reviewed journal articles.

Activity Details
Perform the following steps:

Step 1: Review the readings.
This summary requires you to summarize the sustainability efforts of your chosen society. To accomplish this, you must understand the fundamentals of ecology, climate, and different modes of sustainability. Review the readings and make note of the differences between ecology, climate, and sustainability. Ask yourself these questions: How are ecology, climate, and sustainability similar? How do they differ?

Step 2: Summarize the similarities and differences.
Make a list of the similarities and differences between ecology, climate, and sustainability. Make sure that the distinctions are clear.

Step 3: Write a summary.
Create three separate paragraphs. Include a heading for each paragraph. Paragraph #1 should be entitled “Ecology,” paragraph #2 should be called “Climate,” and paragraph #3 should be called “Sustainability.” Remember to cite similarities and differences among the three under each of the respective paragraphs.

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