Please write a 5-7-page paper (double-spaced, Times New Roman Font 11 or 12) on one of the following topics. The paper needs to use formal academic language and be conventionally organized as having introduction, development, and conclusion. Please make sure that all the work is yours and cite all of your sources in the text according to either Chicago or MLA standard (Google standards and ask questions if in doubt)

Topic One

One of the stakeholders that is important for the ethical functioning of business is the government. In your paper, describe what tools the government uses in order to make sure that businesses operate ethically in terms of risk distribution and regulation. Then analyze how the government as stakeholder in business ethics follows the prescriptions of Deontology and Utilitarianisms. Finally, provide four case studies where the government acted as a stakeholder that forced companies to behave ethically.

Topic Two

What are the most important virtues that an ethical manager should have, according to Confucius and Aristotle and explain why Aristotle and Confucius think that these virtues are moral. Last week we discussed some of the business leaders who are considered to be moral leaders in the business community. Select two of them and describe what virtues Aristotle and Confucius mention these leaders have.


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