Each question must be answered using complete, edited, and proofread sentences.

Pay attention to whether the questions have multiple parts and make sure you address all parts in your answers.

Note that some of the questions ask you to compare works of art in a single question: make sure you address the selected artworks and compare and contrast as requested by the question.

  1. in complete sentences,
  2. addressing each part,
  3. using any TERMS you’ve learned and mastered – put them in boldface,
  4. with specifics – avoid cliches. Some typical art cliches? “I can’t believe they could make things like that so long ago…” “I can’t believe it’s stood the test of time…” “It’s just so many/such great details…” If what you write could apply to virtually anything, then it’s not a strong answer to the question.

And that last word – details?  Please know that for me, that’s like waving a red cape in front of a bull.  It’s such a tired crutch when writing about art. You are here to learn how to describe those details specifically.  Using concrete, precise language.  I recommend just removing “the D word” from your vocabulary for this class!

You want to take your answers further though.  Answer all parts, and use specifics and terms.


  1. Discuss how Canova’s Cupid and Psyche combines both Neoclassicism and Romanticism. You should name at least one trait in the sculpture that exemplifies each style.
  2. Discuss why David’s Oath of the Horatii is considered to be a severely Neoclassical painting by a most truly Neoclassical artist.
  3. What made the Raft of the Medusa so controversial? Discuss both style and subject matter.
  4. What characteristics distinguish Rococo, Neoclassicism, and Romanticism from each other? How were the styles reactionary? Use examples of specific works of art to illustrate and clarify.


  1. Discuss Manet’s relationship with historical painting. Using the specific example of Olympia, identify and discuss what examples he followed and in what ways did he radically break from those examples?
  2. How did the Impressionists in general, and Monet in particular, paint light instead of objects? Point to a specific element in a specific painting to explain your answer.
  3. Using one of the paintings by Paul Cézanne as an example, discuss how he changed “Impressionism” and how this would be important for twentieth-century art.
  4. What do you think was the most powerful aspect of Vincent Van Gogh’s painting? Use at least one specific example in your answer.


  1. Recount the event that inspired the painting Guernica. Discuss the style and imagery that Picasso used to respond to that event.
  2. Explain how Cubist paintings “work” – why do they look this way? How do they represent the things they depict? Include a comment regarding the working relationship of Picasso and Braque. Also, name at least one object that comes after Cubism where its influence can be seen.
  3. What are the three principles of the International Style architecture? Identify where you can see them in at least two different structures.



  1. Contrast the painting of Jackson Pollock to that of Willem de Kooning. What is the emotional impact on the viewer and how does it differ between the two painters? What was the difference in the artists’ approaches?
  2. Describe Marcel Duchamp’s use of kitsch and its inclusion in Pop Art. How did this confuse and upset ideas of “high” and “low” art? (You may want to refer to Chapter 19 as well as Chapter 20.)
  3. Discuss a work of art that is from the period called Minimalism that you find challenging. Do you think it is what “art is supposed to be”? In addition to stating what you find challenging, do your best – whether you “buy it” or not – to explain it in the terms the artist would have used.
  4. Choose a contemporary work of art from your text – which often revolves around issues of race and identity – and then discuss how it is relevant to the world you live in.

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