The death of George Floyd was an absolute injustice, and the police officers involved have been arrested. As I am sure you are aware, protests and rioting have broken out all over the world due to this in-custody death. Remember that we all have knowledge, and if we will stop and think before we reply, and attempt to see different sides, then we are learning to be tolerant of other views and opinions, and may actually learn something in the process. No racism or harmful content is allowed. #1: Knowing the situation with George Floyd (and knowing that the police officer that held him down is facing 2nd degree murder charges), what do you think about the 3 officers that stood around and watched? In your opinion, what should these officers have done? Are their charges fair? #2: The protesting and the looting? Do you think one is tied to the other? Compare (how are they the same) and contrast (how are they different). #3: Do you think police agencies should be defunded? Explain your answer

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