Global Health Goals and Health Disparities
APA style 7th edition
6 pages
Fully discuss all areas of importance of the World Health Organization, the importance of the MCGs and provides details or statistics.
Select and describe one MDG. Explain three ways the MDG is important for improving global health.
Selects one country from the list below. Explain the country’s current outcome measurement indicator being used to represent progress of the chosen MDG. Describe how the country is on track to meet this MDG or not.
France Italy Singapore Spain Japan Greece Iceland United Kingdom Ireland Sweden Germany Israel Switzerland UAE China Rwanda USA Cuba Iran Iraq Venezuela Syria Ethiopia Brazil Sudan Kenya North Korea India South Africa Saudi Arabia Nicaragua Ecuador Australia Chad Haiti Canada South Korea Russia Central African Republic Republic of the Congo
Choose at least two articles that describe health disparities of a particular vulnerable population or group of people (gender or sexuality identity-based groups, children, elderly, disabled, ethnic, or cultural minority).
Selects two nursing roles and explain how each role can help the country achieve the chosen MDG. Provides details or evidence of support.
Explain the term health disparity and discuss how health disparities can impact the vulnerable or underserved populations. Choose one population or particular group (ethnic or cultural, underserved, vulnerable group) and describe a health disparity occurring among this group. Discuss the cause of the particular disparity in the chosen vulnerable group.
Discusses two nursing strategies for improving the health disparity (such as access to care, health education, health promotion, prevention, earlier screenings). Includes and discusses evidence to support both strategies.

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