The early 19th century was a time of continuing exploration in new artistic trends across Europe and the United States. Primarily, artists in Europe either associated themselves with the Romantics, or responded against them. How did the legacy of Napolean contribute to the popularity of Romanticism? How was that then responded to by the so-called “Realists”? What does it mean to be “Real”?

The 19th century was also the time of rapidly changing social and political climates. What was the role of new technologies such as photography and film in visual culture throughout Europe and the United States?

Finally, what possible effects can be felt by an expansive colonial and imperial system as it spread across the globe?

Your Initial Response Completed the assignment in enough time to allow others to respond to them. Shared details as described in thoughtful and relevant way.
Your Two Interactions Completed the assignment in enough time to allow the student they responded to to have an opportunity to respond back. Raised relevant perspectives in a welcoming collaborative fashion.

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