Respond to the following four questions
– give a clear and coherent answer supported by analyses of textual examples
– do NOT need to summarize the plot or include lengthy quotations
– each response should not exceed one page.

1. Science Fiction as a genre arose from writers’ ambivalence toward science and technology in modern times. Analyze two stories to illustrate how science and technology are portrayed. (You may choose “Folding Beijing,” “Taking Care of God,” “Good Hunting,” or any other story)
2. Although vision is considered the primary sense of human cognition, some Science Fiction writers focus on the auditory experience to convey a fantastic world. Compare “Tender Horns” and “Moonlight,” and discuss the function of listening in the two stories.
3. On the surface, Science Fiction would seem to be the antithesis of history. And yet, some Science Fiction writers use their fiction to remember, reflect on, and critique actual historical or current events. Choose either “Literomancer” or “The City of Silence” and analyze how the fantastic and the historically real come together.
4. Analyze the following passage, noting key details, the connection between this passage and the particular moment it appears in the story, and linking it to the main themes of the story. ( Invisible Planets: “The Year of the Rat,”)

“Pea finally said something meaningful. ‘Living is…’ He didn’t finish his sentence.

Tiring? Good? Stupid? You could fill it in however you wanted. That was why I said it was meaningful. Compared to his old way of talking, this new style was forceful, to the point, and left plenty of room for imagination.”

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