You chose a policy research and analysis topic that is relevant to Canada. The chosen topic is “Economic history: the development and regulation of financial markets. The goal of the research is to study how is the development of the financial markets would be affected by consumers, behavior due to the world medical crises (COVID-19). Under the financial markets, equities, bonds, currencies, and derivatives are four main components. This research will focus on currencies and derivatives(stock).”

You have to find a dataset and conduct an analysis on the topic. You have to implement a model, do robustness checks, etc.

You are required to produce a term paper in no less than 2,500 words on the topic chosen, presenting
your analysis and results of the research in approximately 5-10 pages, 1.15 spaced.

Understanding and Knowledge of the Subject
– Research Question is Clear
– Clear Hypothesis
– Literature Review
– Contribution to the Literature

Clarity of the Explanation
– Presentation
– Language

Depth and Methods of the Analysis
– Description of Method
– Implementation of Model (Variable Sources, Data, Transformations, …)
– Robustness Analysis

Structure and Reasoning
– Interpretation of Regression Output or Other Data
– Conclusion
– Possible Extensions
– Limitations

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