Focus more on the theory/model you have chosen to serve as a framework for hypertension on a population level. Provide more details and statistical data on your target population. In addition, you create a visual representation of the health behavioral theory/model to help you to develop an argument for why this is the best fit for the intervention you are developing. Because presentations are visual-based exercises, it is important to be able to visually represent what the health behavioral theory/model will “look” like in the program being developed. For this exercise, you should be developing an original graphic. This means that you may use tools (e.g., software draw and shape tools) you find while doing research as the basis for creating your own graphic, but may not duplicate an image or graphic from a text or other source. Use critical thinking

Address the following:
* Identify your chosen health behavioral theory or model.
* Identify your chosen chronic disease or condition and population.
* Describe the graphic and its significance to hypertension at a population level in more detail.
* Be specific and indicate:
* Key elements of the health behavioral theory or model and how they relate to hypertension disease at the population level including the significance of these elements and relationships between them
* How this health behavioral theory or model applies to a population versus individual level
Include a key with necessary labels and terms described.

Three sources including:
At least two sources about the chronic disease or condition you selected
At least one source supporting the behavioral theory or model to address your selected chronic disease or condition

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