In this paper, provide a descriptive title or heading for your paper by focusing on topics or countries that interest you (such as “Political and Economic Developments in the Asian or European Systems”), and then discuss the following concepts:

1. Explain in detail why and how the political systems of countries differ.
2. Discuss how the legal systems of countries differ.
3. Explain what determines the level of economic development of a nation.
4. Discuss with examples the macro-political and economic changes taking place worldwide.
5. Analyze how transition economies are moving toward market-based systems. You can use specific continents, countries, or one country as your focus. [MO 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5]

The paper should be four to five double-spaced pages in APA style. For this assignment, thoroughly discuss the topics mentioned and, when possible, provide specific examples or recommendations, and cite all of your sources.

Hill, C. W. (2017). International Business. In &. T. Hill, Competing In the Global Market. New York: McGraw -Hill Education.

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