TASK: You will research The United States’ current policy on Immigration.
What is the current federal policy on Immigration?
What does this mean for those born in the U.S, naturalized, documented and undocumented?

Be sure to:

Annotate the research you found
Create notes in which you provide details and gist statements summarizing your findings (You can do this on Conell notes)

Part 2
Draft Your Proposal

TASK: After reading Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue, and conducting research on current U.S policy on immigration. Write a letter to a local congressman on how we can IMPROVE the current policy.
Prompt: How can the United States improve their current U.S Policy on immigration?

Respond to the prompt above!

Be sure to include the following:

1 paragraph
Evidence from current U.S policies
A plan for improvement

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