These weekly reaction papers are designed to test your critical thinking and application skills. Each week, you will be tasked with answering pertinent ethical questions about &/or creating evidenced-based remedies for various forms of miscarriages of injustice. Each response paper must be 300-600 words and clearly and effectively respond to all parts of the prompt. You can be less formal than you would be in a standard research paper, however, write as if you are writing for a public audience. That is, professionally and grammatically correct. In-text citations and a reference section are required.
Despite solid and growing proof of the inaccuracy of traditional eyewitness ID procedures, traditional eyewitness identifications remain among the most commonly used and compelling evidence brought against criminal defendants. Describe the process and procedures you would take if you were a detective tasked with compiling a police lineup.
What are some of the evidenced-based procedures you would take to minimize the risk of error and injustice as much as possible? When you describe a procedure you would take, explain why you chose to conduct your investigation in such a way—that is, what errors and injustices are you specifically trying to avoid?

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