Writing Prompt

Write a thesis-driven analytical argument of 6-7 pages (1800-2100 words) in which you respond to the following:

How can we deal with the effects of transformative emerging technologies by understanding historical parallels and antecedents?

Build your study around an analysis of the rhetorical discourse of the historical technology. How did academics, industrialists, consumers, and journalists discuss this technological development? How did their language reflect certain hopes, fears, and values? How did the discourse of this technology fit into larger cultural discourses? If you can answer these and related questions, you can begin to illuminate parallel contemporary situations.

Actively test your claims by positioning them against strong counter-claims. Is it possible that drawing parallels between contemporary phenomena and historical precedents is misleading, even dangerous?

Final note: You need to pay particular attention to citing and formatting using MLA style. Demonstrating that you know the conventions of academic writing helps build your credibility as an author.

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