Adolescence Assignment.The purpose of this assignment is to discuss physical, cognitive, and socioemotional changes that occur in the adolescent stage and analyze the effect of biological, environmental, and socioemotional changes in adolescence.

Read the scenario and apply what you have learned about adolescent development to help you answer the questions below.

Jessie is a quiet, 13-year-old girl in 8th grade who was recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Jessie lives with her parents, who are both fitness fanatics and frequent attendees at sporting events. Jessie has one older brother, James, 17. James is very outgoing, and a senior star football player who has already accepted a scholarship to play for a state university. Jessie’s parents have been very involved in James’ football activities this year. Jesse, far more reserved than her brother, has resisted her parents constant urging to participate in sports, but she excels in the school band and is an above average student like her brother. Jessie is working hard to learn how to monitor her blood sugars and administer her own insulin injections, but it has been a frustrating process for her. She has missed a lot of school and she has not been able to spend much time with her few close friends. Jessie is concerned about what her classmates might think of her now that she is ”sick.” Jessie’s parents have made her go everywhere with them or have adjusted their schedules so she is never alone at home, for fear of her having a hypoglycemic episode while they are away. Jessie has become increasingly moody and has been prone to uncharacteristic fits of anger in the past few weeks.

Respond to the following questions in 1-2 paragraphs for each question.

Imagine you are a health care professional involved in Jessie’s care (e.g., physician, school nurse, physical therapist). Apply what you have learned about adolescent development and formulate a plan and/or recommendations for addressing Jessie’s care.

a. Provide an explanation for Jessie’s parents about the role that puberty may be playing in her situation at this time.
b. Identify two specific health-related factors of adolescence and analyze how these might pose risks or difficulties for Jessie. Identify what Jessie’s parents can do to help reduce the risks.
c. Describe 2 cognitive changes that take place during adolescence to help explain Jessie’s current behavior.
d. Describe how family systems are both potential barriers to and facilitators for Jessie in coping with this new diagnosis.
e. Provide Jessie’s parents with two suggestions that could help stabilize their relationship with her.

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